Certified Relocation Consultant

Certified Relocation Consultant

You’ve Just Listed Your Home!

Family unpacking cardboard box in the living room together

Instead of waiting until your home sells, get a jump on what needs to be done.

It’s a great time to call a Certified Relocation Consultant, not an estimator or salesman. Davi & Valenti Movers will provide you with not only as estimate, but a moving plan. Reduce your stress by engaging one of our professional relocation specialists now, rather than waiting until your home sells and time is limited.

  • The Plan: Decide what you will do, and what your mover will do. Will you pack it all, or will you need packing done? Will you want the mover to pack just the breakables, or other select items? Is it worth shipping certain items? Will you need storage?
  • The Schedule: When to select a mover. If your are packing, when do you start? When do you terminate utilities? How much notice will the mover need? Setting a load date and a delivery date.
  • Danger: What can you ship and what can’t you ship? Click Here for a list.
  • Challenge: Ample time to discuss problems that may arise and special needs.
  • Advice: Information that will save you time, money and aggravation.

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