Relocating Your Small Business with Ease

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If you’re planning to expand your small business or if your current location is no longer meeting your needs – it may be time to consider a relocation. Moving your entire business to a new facility can be a daunting task but with a little preparation and careful planning you can greatly reduce the chaos involved from moving your business from point (A) to point (B).


Schedule Moving Assistance as Early as Possible


Once you have a date set to make the move, that is the time to hire movers and extra hands if you are going to need them. Do your research to make sure the company you are considering is reputable. If you have fellow business owners who have used moving services in the past – consider asking them for recommendations. The point here is – locking down your moving services and scheduling help as early as possible will prevent the extra chaos that will likely occur by scrambling to access these resource at the last minute. You don’t want to be stuck postponing your move or worse, having to handle all the heavy lifting yourself.


Prioritize Your Equipment


In every business, there is equipment and supplies that must be functioning for them to run effectively. These items will typically be the last to get packed and will need to be the first ones unloaded at the new location. As you begin packing- make sure to label your boxes with the contents and what kind of priority they hold. Items that are essential to basic function, including computers and specific files, should be marked accordingly and should be loaded into moving trucks last so that they can be unloaded and unpacked first — helping to speed up the process of getting you back into full swing.


Set Up Your Utilities in Advance


One of the main things that can slow down the reopening of a business in a new location is having to wait for services and utilities to be activated at the new location. Essential services like electricity, phone and internet service can be scheduled for activation in advance. If you know an exact date that you are moving – consider calling your service providers far in advance and arranging to have services activated a day or two in advance of when you plan to open – this gives you a window to allow for a delay in technician arrival or to head off any technical issues that may occur during setup.


Plan The Layout of Your New Space Before Hand


Another helpful planning tidbit for relocating with ease is to know your new space ahead of time and plan for setup. If you label your boxes with what area, they belong in and instruct the movers to load the truck and unload the truck accordingly – the unpacking and setting up process becomes much more efficient. Try labeling boxes with not only what room they belong in but also with which items in each room are a priority to unpacking and setup first. This will help you get your essentials up and running faster. Your new office may not be the interior design masterpiece the first day in – but your business will be functional, and that’s the important part.

Also, you might consider moving your business in two trips – the first trip to bring over the non-essential items such as furniture, decor and non-priority equipment and files. This would allow you to organize your new location the way you like before the rest of your materials arrive allowing for a smooth transition into your new space.


Relocating your business can be complicated – it can often be very stressful on the owners, management, and the employees. If, however, you put a little extra time into the planning process you can facilitate a smooth and easy transition to your new space where your business will continue to thrive.


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