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Don’t furnish your attic, don’t furnish your basement and don’t furnish your garage. Approximately 1 in 10 moves are moves that involve people who are shipping a significant amount of things that they really don’t need. Whether it’s old furniture, papers, books, glassware and clothing, people seem to be a slave to their possessions. Moving, paying for storage, or securing a larger home to store items that are not needed, can be extremely expensive. Often we have family members, friends or clients, who seem to fit this pattern. In my line of work, this usually entails someone who is elderly and has no family in the area. Then it’s up to the realtor and the moving company the help them, and encourage them, to make the tough decisions on what to eliminate. However, this task is not the specialty of movers and realtors. There are small companies who will work with people and help them prioritize their possessions. Often these companies work with specific movers. However, the client can request a mover that they like, or that was recommended to them. This is another reason why it is good to get the mover into the home as soon as the property is listed. Davi & Valenti also can assist with staging, and with air conditioned storage, there is a safe place to keep their possessions while the home is on the market.

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