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If you are going to undertake the daunting task of packing yourself, it is good to become familiar with what box to pack certain items in.

Here is a brief list to assist you:

Glassware, china, electronics, lamp bases, small pictures and other breakables- Pack these in a “Dish Carton” or similar box. A dish carton is a box that is 18 x 18 x 28 inches. It is also a double walled carton or double corrugated, which makes it much stronger. Dishes and flat items get individually wrapped and packed tight together standing on edge at the bottom of the box. Heavy items at the bottom and lighter, more fragile, items toward the top. Everything gets individually wrapped in paper except larger items such as lamp bases and electronics. Wrap them in a towel, pad or paper pad. Stuff un-fill able voids with more paper.

Books, papers, CD’s, DVDs, tools, Desk items, canned goods, kitchen utensils and spices- Pack these in a small, book or 1.5 carton. Most can be packed without wrapping. But, tools, small desk items, spices and utensils should be wrapped into small bundles to keep thing sorted and form becoming a mess.

Shoes, handbags, clothing, pots, pans and lamp shades- Pack these in a Medium or 3.0 carton. Shoes should be separated with paper to keep them from soiling other shoes. Pots and pans need to be wrapped and nestled to prevent rattling and space. Lamp shades need to be packed either by themselves or with a same shaped lamp shade to prevent damage, Lamp shades should be nestled gently in loosely crushed paper, with more paper on top. When closed, the lid of the box should gently pin the shade in place.

Bedding, shades, baskets- Pack these in a large or 4.5 carton. Use paper to separate baskets from each other to prevent damage.

Glass tops, pictures and mirrors- Pack these flat items in picture or mirror boxes. Wrap individually in a sheet, towel or pad before putting in box. Wall hangings should be packed front to front to prevent the cable screws from damaging the other frame.

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