Packing for your move?

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Packing for your move.

When you do your own packing for an upcoming move there are several things to keep in mind.

Doing your own packing will give you a better opportunity to cull out unwanted and unneeded items. As you pick up each item, think about if it is worth paying to move it or get rid of it.

When you begin packing, it is better to get an early jump on the task instead of waiting till the last minute. Whereas a crew of 2 professionals can probably pack out a typical 3-bedroom house in 1 day, it may take you significantly longer. Especially if you have health problems. Self-packing should start about 1 month before the move. Do your packing 1 room at a time and pack that room completely before moving on. A typical 3-bedroom home could require as much as 120 cartons. If you begin a month in advance and do 4 cartons a day, you task will be complete in time for the move.

Try to pack items into cartons designed for those items. Here is a list of cartons and the items that belong in them. Dish Carton (double walled heavy duty)-All breakables, lamp bases, electronics, china, small pictures, glass ware and nick-knacks. Book/small/1.5 Cartons-Books, papers, canned goods, DVDs and CD’s, tools and utensils. Medium/3.0 Cartons-lamp shades, pots and pans, small appliances, shoes and clothing. Large/4.5 Cartons-towels, bedding, tall lamp shades and baskets. Extra Large/6.0 Cartons-large lamp shades, comforters and oversized items. The larger the item the bigger the box needed.


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