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Anyone can give you a quote on your next move. But will the final price be the same as their quote. That is often the $64,000 question. Unless you know who you are dealing with, always get a guaranteed price and a detail list of what you need done. If a price seems ridiculously low, it is. Packing and moving is a difficult job that is labor intensive and takes a great deal of time. I did an appointment for a customer last week. They were surprised when I told them that is would take 4 men 8 hours to load the truck. They had more than 16,000 pounds or 2/3 of a tractor trailer. I explained that we first lay out home protection and then each piece must be pad wrapped in residence, beds disassembled and packed, and glass tops crated and everything carefully loaded. All this in 90 degree plus heat. Every one of my men thinks of themselves as a professional, and the work they do bears that out. The price that we quote is based on how long it will take to do the job correctly. We do not take short cuts. Ultimately, we want your referral. We will not get that with a poorly done job, with inexperienced help and a price increase when done. I give guaranteed prices on 95% of my moves, and most of those are “Not to Exceed” quotes. I can do this because we are accurate and we stand behind our word.







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