Moving is Hard Work!

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Hard Work

It‘s hard not to appreciate how difficult it is for movers to do their job. It used to be that digging ditches was the gold standard of hard work. Since digging ditches is now done with heavy equipment and not by hand, I now wonder what we can compare it to. Leaving fighting for our country aside, can we compare it to mine work? Mine work is pretty hard, but it too is mostly mechanized these days. Tell me, what job must a man or woman have that requires such a diverse array of skills? From customer service and patience, to a strong back with incredible endurance, it is amazing. A mover must be able to pack your crystal and fine china, wrap and carry all of your belongings to and from the truck in intense heat, properly fill out piles of paperwork and negotiate all the rules and regulations passed down by the U.S.D.O.T. On a significant amount of our jobs, the customer is far from prepared. Yet, the movers plunge into their task with ambition, absorbing all the venom a stressed out customer can dish out, under adverse conditions, and returning just smiles. I have the best crews in the entire area. They have great personalities with a great work ethic. They take their jobs seriously and with unmatched professionalism. Give us a call.



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