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About 7 years ago I had an appointment with a customer needing a local move. I was a very large local move, and I did not get the job. Three years later that customer was moving again, this time out of state, and they called me. It seems that local move did not go well. This time I got the job. I just heard from this customer again his past week. They had moved back to the area a couple of years ago and were once again moving out of state. I asked her who they used to move back. They told me that they contracted a mover through the television show “Shipping Wars”. This is how it went. It seems that everything went well on loading. But when she arrived in Florida she got a phone call from the mover. The truck he was driving, on a back road in Texas, had caught fire. The mover didn’t want to tell the customer what happened so he handed the phone to the state patrolman and they listen to him describe how the truck went up in flames. They lost 80% of everything. My estimate based on the size if their move is about a $250,000 loss. The only coverage that they had was for $50,000. The mover was also traveling down the back roads to avoid DOT. The mover had no insurance, and no inspection and no assets to go after. They thought about going after the producers of the show. But three attorneys did no think it was worth their time. I think that they have a case. The show acted as an agent for this mover and in the course of doing so, they misrepresented themselves and the mover. Stevens Worldwide requires and verifies that all of their agents have all the necessary coverage’s in place, always.

John H Savage
Relocation Consultant
Davi & Valenti Movers
Agent; Stevens Worldwide

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