The proper time to call a mover

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The proper time to call a mover.

The best time to call a mover depends upon what type of move, and how large a move, you are doing. If you are moving long distance or you are moving a large number of belongings, the sooner you get the move consultant into your home, the better. A move consultant, especially a “Certified Move Consultant” or CMC, is more knowledgeable in the many aspects of moving. He or she is more familiar with both DOT regulations and the policies and procedures of how a professional moving company should behave. They are also more able to design a move to your specific needs, and to provide you with advice on making the move less expensive and less stressful. They are also more capable in responding to the last minute crisis that always seems to pop up. The consultant can also give advice as to whether items are worth shipping or if they should be left behind.

If you are moving out of state, you should have the consultant at your home at least 4 or more weeks in advance. You should be able to make a decision on which mover at least 4 weeks before the move. More if you are moving in peak season. Ask your realtor how long they think your house will be on the market before selling. In most cases, you should set an appointment immediately upon hiring your realtor. Remember, the later you select your mover and schedule your move, the less likely you will get the date that you need and the service that you want. This  applies to large local moves as well.



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