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I did an appointment last week for an elderly couple moving back to Minnesota. They were concerned, mostly, about how fast their belongings could be delivered.  They had 3000 pounds, a small shipment, and the previous mover said that they could deliver within 1 to 9 days.  To compound the issue, this was a very small local mover, that they had used a couple of times, to move within Venice, and they did not have interstate authority. First, can anyone tell me how they could get the belongs delivered to Minnesota in less than 4 days. Second, The sales rep said that the goods would be loaded onto a semi and thus would need to be shuttled out of their current location. This company does not own a semi. So, not only did the company give an unrealistic estimate on delivery, they are turning the move over to a broker, an unregulated re-seller of moving to usually an unregulated hauler.


I promised the couple that we could deliver between 5 and 9 days and that we did not need to shuttle. We would load it directly onto the truck taking it to Minnesota. I lost the move. The customer was too hung up on the 1 to 9 day delivery. So, not only was the delivery window beyond reality and the shuttle was not needed, who does she call when the truck doesn’t show on time and the price is doubled?

The answer…there is no one to call.





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