As we get to our busy season, the number of families attempting to move with a rental truck increases exponentially. As sure as the sun sets, we get more and more people calling us late in the day wondering what it would cost to ship the 1000 to 3000 pounds, that will not fit on the truck they rented. Rental truck companies have unrealistic guidelines as to what will fit on their truck. You can only fit the contents of an average 2 bedroom home on the largest rental truck. About 8000 to 9000 pounds and this assumes 2 beds, 2 or 3 pieces of overstuffed furniture and a minimum of aluminum patio furniture. Their yellow page ads and websites describe a true fantasy of what your move could be. When you call your local mover to inquire as to what the charge would be to haul your extra belongings, don’t be surprised that the charge for both the rental and the extra, amounts to what you quality mover would have charged you to move everything, to begin with. Oh and by the way, we do all the work, pad wrap all your furniture, offer packing services and full value replacement coverage. JOHN SAVAGE, DAVI & VALENTI MOVERS, 941-306-9743


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