Over the course of the last few months, we have been doing surveys for people who’s homes are on the market but have not been sold. No, that the snowbirds are here, real estate is beginning to move, and this means business for movers.  This is the beginning of a 5 to a 6-month busy season. It is important if you are a realtor, buyer or seller, that enough notice is given to your mover to reserve moving dates. Get a survey and a written proposal done well in advance of a move date and schedule your move as early as possible. You can always adjust the date later if events dictate. We movers kid around about that Monday morning call, from a homeowner, asking if we can pack and load an 8000 square foot home by Friday. Yes, it happens a couple of time a year. If that call comes in between August and January, no problem. But in the heat of battle in May, June or July, it’s a different story. You cannot tell me that the homeowner had no idea during the previous weeks that they were not moving. The quality of service can be dramatically reduced under this kind of pressure and is dramatically increased it the survey had been done weeks ago. I can do a survey and proposal 7 days a week, anytime between 5:00 am and 8:00 pm. I do surveys from Tampa to Fort Myers. I have been to Gainesville, Deland, Melbourne, Marco Island and Largo for surveys. We local, intrastate, interstate and international moves. We do professional packing and we have air conditioned pad wrapped vaulted storage. John Savage, Davi & Valenti movers, 941-306-9743