In the course of events, over the last 38 years in the moving industry, I have had requests for shipping unusual items. Back in 2011, a phone call led us into shipping our first aircraft. It was a private jet from Milan, Italy to Sarasota, FL. Commodity shipping can be a challenge. But remember, if you make enough phone calls, you can always find someone with the knowledge to help you get the job done. It turns out that we had someone at Stevens International, who along with a few other people, had enough know how to put it all together. Fast forward to earlier this year, and once again our new found expertise was called upon. We shipped a Piper Cub to a flight school in Asia. The moral of the story is, Don’t be quick to say no. An opportunity presented itself and I made a few phone calls. Now I am the “Aircraft Shipping King”!

On a lighter note. We also ship mother in laws, unruly children and retirees. Our lift vans can double as a tiny house, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. 1 adult, plus 500 pounds of furniture and personal items and poof, a retirement home anywhere in the world. What man wouldn’t want a tiny house on a mountain side in Fiji with a kegerator and a satellite dish? John Savage, Davi & Valenti Movers, 941-306-9743.


John Savage CMC