In preparation for your move, it is important to separate fire arms and high value items from the rest of your shipment. These items require special attention when packing, inventorying and handling.

With fire arms, the mover will need to see ALL the fire arms and be given a complete list of each make, model and serial number. The driver, or packers, will do a complete inventory confirming the information, and listing the individual fire arms on an inventory form. The fire arms will be packed in a box with shipper’s name, but no contents listed, and it will remain open until the driver himself, verifies the contents and seals and loads the box.

With high value items the procedure is similar. The high value items are separated, then placed on a table or counter. The shipper is given a high value form to fill out. The packers will verify the items and pack them. The box will be labeled accordingly with a basic list of contents, but without any “high value” notations and the box will be loaded.

When receiving the box, with fire arms or high value items, the driver, or helpers, presents the box for your immediate inspection. You will verify both the contents, the condition and sign the inventory as received. John Savage, Davi & Valenti Movers, 941-727-1459.